TS-50 Battery Replacement


The first thing to do is remove power and open the case of the radio. The battery is on the bottom. I took off both halves

of the case and mine was somewhat difficult to open. I couldn't do it with just my fingers. I had to get a screwdriver in

between the heatsink and the case and pry gently. I didn't want to scratch or bend the case. When you get it apart you

will see the battery. My battery had an orange plastic wrap. Also, after the battery is replaced the radio needs to be

turned on then off, or else the battery will be drained at an excessive rate until power cycled.

(From a Kenwood tech bulletin.)


I looked through my old computer motherboards and found a lithium cell holder and unsoldered it from the board.

Once I knew what I was up against, I determined that there wasn't enough clearance to put in this battery holder for the

Lithium cell. I still wanted to use the holder so I decided to place it close by the old location, with wires running to the

original spot. I soldered on some wire I had handy (Blue pos - Green neg) and bent the solder pins down.


I unsoldered the old battery starting with the negative terminal first. The battery didn't come up easily because it was

glued in place with some sort of double sided sticky felt. I used my fingers because I didn't want to pry against the

circuit board. The felt is the black stuff in the picture.

I then soldered the 'new' holder wires in to place. (I didn't have black and red wires handy.)

Blue is positive and the nearer green wire is negative.

I inserted a new cell in to the holder and wrapped some plastic bubble wrap over the assembly and used tape to hold it

in place. I stuffed it in to the space available. You may want to use something other than bubble wrap.

When you peel off the black material from the old battery you will find that it is a type CR 2430 ( at least mine was).

The holder from the motherboard I used had a (dead) CR 2032 in it.

I had a package of CR 2025's from a local 'dollar store' that I used for this. The 2025 is a slightly thinner

version of the 2032 and has about 80% of the capacity. It should last for a few years and be easily replaced.

After this procedure, remember to cycle the radio power on then off, per the Kenwood tech bulletin.



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